Trinity Pride Fest 2022 presented by Frank Kent!


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Formed in 2011, by local business owners, teachers, artists and event organizers, PCX has been involved in the creation, coordination and production of several community events, in and around Tarrant County, for almost 10 years . From music festivals, art shows and fundraisers to events that just raise awareness.....we pride ourselves in working on events that are entertaining, inspiring and sustainable. 




The PCX team is ready to work with you, your company or organization in making sure your event is a complete success! Whether it's a fundraiser, a 5k, a music festival....or a combination of all three...we can handle any logistical and coordinating needs you have, big or small!


PCX event consultants can help you envision, plan and execute your event specifically to your organization's or company's needs. We can help you put together a simple, comprehensive plan of action for success that can be built upon for for all your future events. Let's get your event from just an idea to a reality today.


Properly representing your brand and shaping how your attendees, event partners and sponsors remember it are absolutely critical to the growth of your event and your business.  Let PCX branding specialists help you come up with the color(s), shapes, logos, scope and themes, of your event....that they'll never forget.

Social Media

The transformations that can happen when you start thinking about social media with purpose and desired outcomes are very worthwhile for your event and it's organizers! Let PCX help you put together a social media strategy that helps you better understand how effective your posts are and how they can translate into views, shares and attendees!


After all the planning and hard work, on every detail, of your you know what can really bring it all together? A great emcee! 
A great emcee is informative, engaging and approachable and makes attendees feel right at home. PCX has three pro emcees. Please contact us about your event and how we may put the finishing touch on it.


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